President Trump graced Minnesotans with a special tax day visit to Nuss Truck & Equipment in Burnsville. Trump supporters went big & brought the love. Ilhan Omar supporters brought the hate.

Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters came out in big numbers on Monday 04/15/19

-Burnsville, Minnesota by: Teresa Blair

Tax day wasn't that bad after all! On Monday April 15th 2019, President Trump made a special visit to Nuss Truck and Equipment in Burnsville, Minnesota for a round-table discussion on tax reform and the success of Trump's America. Trump supporters went big to show their love for our President. Ilhan Omar supporters did what what they do best. They brought the hate and they brought it with a passion all while claiming that "love Trumps hate".  The "tolerant" left is in-fact the least tolerant group of people I have personally ever dealt with.

The thing with Minnesota Trump supporters is that we don't let people like Congresswoman Ilhan Omar or the hateful left scare us or stop us. We love and support our President no matter what the fake news says and we ALWAYS show up for Trump! I was able to attend this exciting event as a proud Trump supporter. There were more patriots than I could count. I wish I had an exact number. It was the most beautiful sight to see all of those amazing flags, signs. banners, clothing and hats that people brought and wore to show their patriotism and support for our President. Please enjoy and share my 45 best photos from this tremendous day! God bless America and God bless Trump!

Tax Day Trump

Photo Gallery 04/15/2019