Video: Anti-War Committee Activist Stole and Stomped on a Man's Israeli Flag

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Anti-War Committee activist, Jess Sundin of Minneapolis, stole a man's Israeli flag and stomped on it at a 5.15.20 protest in Columbia Heights, MN.

Columbia Heights, MN - Anti-War Committee activist, Jess Sundin of Minneapolis, approached a man who was sitting in his vehicle, ripped his Israeli flag out of his hand, threw it on the ground and stomped on it with another woman at a protest Friday night in Columbia Heights, MN. Police were present and intervened but no charges were filed. Mill City Citizen Media captured footage of this incident on our livestream of the event.

Sundin, founding member of the Anti-War Committee (1998) and Fight Back News journalist, has reportedly been an activist since 1991.

A 2010 Brandon Wallace interview with Sundin published on Julius Speaks stated that "September 26th, 2010 the FBI raided Jess Sundin's home in Minneapolis. The FBI ransacked her home in order to search for possible connections between her activism and alleged terrorist organizations in Columbia and Palestine." She was accused of giving financial aid to foreign terrorist organizations but authorities never compiled enough evidence to charge her with a crime.

Star Tribune reported "The FBI search warrant (for Sundin's home) cites a recording of an unidentified person, saying that $4,000 had been raised for a delegation going to meet the Palestinians, of which $2,000 was a donation. The person said the money was being funneled through the Anti-War Committee, and 'we are sending money to a terrorist organization, basically.' The warrant also alleged the group was offering material support to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. It claimed Sundin met with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia members in Colombia and appeared in a video with them in 2000."

CBS reported "Sundin allegedly told an FBI informant in a recorded conversation in September 2009 that Colombian & Palestinian groups were like family. 'Commies fighting for national liberation in other countries? We love those guys.' she was quoted her as saying."

According to the Pioneer Press, "Sundin was co-organizer of a mass anti-war protest on the first day of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, September 1st, 2008." MPR News reported that St. Paul Police arrested 284 protesters that day. Of those arrested, 130 were booked on felony charges, including one assault on a peace officer. More than 800 people were arrested during the four days of the convention, including Sundin.

Watch our footage of Jess Sundin stealing & stomping on a man's Israeli flag 5.15.20 in Columbia Heights, MN:

Images: •Anti-War Committee - Facebook

•Jess Sundin - Facebook

•Mill City Citizen Media - livestream video still

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