• T. Blair

Veteran's Truck Vandalized in Despicable Hate Crime

U.S. Army Veteran Daniel Dennis's truck was vandalized early Monday morning in El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas - According to U.S. Army Veteran Daniel Dennis, Monday morning, 8/12/19 his beloved Dodge truck "Bruiser" was vandalized in a despicable hate crime. Dennis and his vehicle were targeted for his open support of our President. When he heard his dog barking Monday morning, he went outside to investigate and found that his tires had been slashed and his truck had been spray painted with the words "racist" and "fuck Trump" along with a swastika on the hood. Dennis posted photos of the vandalism on his Facebook account Monday afternoon, his post read, "This is what I get for supporting our President I guess... I have never done this to anyone for their beliefs. I'm so sick of the world we live in. I have tears in my eyes from anger/ rage and sadness. I literally have blood, sweat and tears in this truck and have so much money invested into it. It pains me to see Bruiser [his truck] like this."

In a live video shared to social media early this morning, Dennis called what happened to his truck a "hate crime" and "an act of terrorism". Any sane person would agree. Leftist extremists are using violence, fear and intimidation tactics against Trump supporters in an attempt to stop people from supporting our President. Trump supporters are a tough bunch. Attacks like these only make us stronger. Dennis is now motivated to fight harder to support our President. Dennis said "I am going to start taking a stand. I'm not going to allow this to happen anymore. I have had this hat for a while and I haven't worn it because I was afraid that something was going to happen if I did wear it, I was gonna, ya know, get assaulted or I just didn't want to deal with all that. After what happened to my truck, it's not acceptable." Dennis stated that he will increase his open support of President Trump while taking additional security measures including cameras at his home.

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