Trump Supporters Stand Up and Say No to Socialism in Minneapolis

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Trump supporters rallied for Trump's re-election and against socialism outside of the Bernie Sanders/ Ilhan Omar rally in Minneapolis 11/3/19.

Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota patriots rallied 11/3/19 to show their support for President Trump and take a stand against 2020 presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Ilhan Omar and their anti-American, anti-Trump, socialist agenda outside of the Sanders/ Omar rally at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. The rally was organized by Bikers for 45 Minnesota chapter president and retired U.S. Army Veteran, Robert Leslie.

Security was tight and overall it was a peaceful event but there were still a couple of incidents. A passing car threw a beverage out of their window and the liquid landed on a 77 year old woman's leg. She was standing on the corner, proudly waving her "Women for Trump" sign when it happened. Her pants got wet and it was cold outside but she didn't give up and go home. She was brave. She stood strong and toughed it out in the cold for Trump until sundown. The assailant's car was driving too fast to get a license plate number to make a police report.

I personally witnessed a masked individual riding a bicycle, who appeared to be an Antifa terrorist, unsuccessfully attempt to hit a Trump supporter with a pad-lock attached to a bike-lock cord. Security dealt with him, immediately neutralized the situation, and requested assistance from police, who were nearby. U of M police did step in and took a statement from all involved. No one was injured or arrested. We will share video and other updates regarding this incident if they become available.

AJ Kern was a speaker. Deplorable Houswives of the Midwest and American Heresy live-streamed the event (American Heresy video 1, video 2).

The group was small. A little over 2 dozen Trump supporters showed in all, but their patriotism was big! They started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. They wore patriotic clothing, waved flags and celebrated America while listening to patriotic music. They rallied until sundown.

Trump supporters set up across the street from where Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar rally attendees line up - outside of Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. Image: Al G. Orr

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