• T. Blair

Trump derangement syndrome strikes at the NRA Convention!

Indianapolis - A man was arrested after throwing a cell phone at President Trump today.

President Trump spoke at the NRA Convention today in Indianapolis, IN. At approximately 12:30pm Eastern, a man in the audience, who was later identified as William Rose, threw a cell phone at President Trump immediately after he got on stage. Luckily Mr. Rose had bad aim and the President was not harmed. Rose, who was reportedly intoxicated, was immediately removed and arrested.

A convention attendee named Bradley Brewer, happened to have great timing and caught the attempted assault on video which is currently posted on Facebook. Mr. Brewer's video shows the phone being launched into the air and landing on the stage to the left of President Trump. See that video here: https://www.facebook.com/517704925384650/posts/561083841046758/

Do not trust the NRA. The NRA EXPOSED at their own convention!

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