• T. Blair

Trump blesses MN with a special tax day visit.

President Trump visited Nuss Truck & Equipment in Burnsville, MN today for a roundtable discussion.

The MSM will tell you that our President met with a small number of Minnesota business elites on April 15th 2019 in Burnsville. They will also tell you that there were more protesters than supporters. As usual, the one-sided fake news lies.

According to a close friend of MCCM who was inside, there were about 350 people, from many walks of life & income brackets, not just the wealthy "elites" described by the MSM who were invited to Trump's roundtable. I can back that up being that I personally spoke with many of the folks waiting in line to see Trump. I am friends with some of those folks and I know firsthand that they are not all the "wealthy businesses elites" we heard about.

I personally did not take attendance, therefore I can not confirm exact numbers. However, I do have 2 lengthy live videos that show people in line waiting to see Trump and some very passionate Trump supporters rallying for our President. On these videos you will also see the leftwing anti-Trump protesters who were there to show their disapproval of our President and his supporters meanwhile showing support for the infamous, despised Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

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