• T. Blair

Rosedale Center is hosting a controversial drag show at their family shopping mall.

Updated: May 16, 2019

Roseville, MN - Rosedale Center family shopping mall is hosting "Shop Till You Drag: A Mall Drag Show" on May 19th.

Rosedale Center is a large, 2 level shopping mall in Roseville, MN geared towards families and children. The mall frequently boasts their family friendly amenities including, child play areas, nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers, diaper changing areas, children's programming & many many stores selling clothing and products for children. Rosedale Center offers a wide variety of fast food and sit down restaurants all of which have children's menus.

On May 19th 2019, Rosedale Center along with Flip Phone Events is hosting "Shop Till You Drag: A Mall Drag Show" from 2:30pm - 6:30pm. So what's the big deal? Typically a drag show is full of adult content; scantily clad, cross dressing performers with sexually suggestive dance moves. This kind of performance belongs in an adult night club not a family shopping mall. Being that Rosedale Center caters to children and families, why would they offer an adult program during normal business hours when families are present?

According to the organizer's page, this is not their last event geared towards children. Flip Phone is offering a "Disney Channel Drag Brunch" on 5/25 and 5/26/19 as well. In a world of gender confusion, this is the last thing we need to expose children to.

Many say "If you don't like it just don't attend". That seems simple enough, they are selling tickets. The thing is that this event is being held during normal business hours in wide open Von Maur court. A ticket means that you paid for a seat but anyone walking by while shopping at the mall can easily see the show. Many unsuspecting families will walk into the mall that day not knowing what their children are about to be exposed to.

Maybe Rosedale Center should reconsider holding this event in a private space or after hours when the shopping mall is closed to avoid exposing children to the adult content of this show. What do you think?

Rosedale Center 651-633-0872

10 Rosedale Ctr Dr, Roseville, Minnesota 55113

Shop Til You Drag: A Mall Drag Show event page: facebook.com/events/379475979309535/

Rosedale Center's website: rosedalecenter.com

Rosedale Center's Facebook page: fb.me/rosedalecenter

Flip Phone's Facebook page: fb.me/flipphone