Protesters Block Highway 94 in Response to Musician’s Death in Ethiopia

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Protesters called for the U.S. government to put pressure on Ethiopia while they blocked the highway in St. Paul.

Image: KSTP

St. Paul, MN - Last night over 100 protesters blocked westbound highway 94 near the Minnesota State Capitol building. The group blocked traffic on the interstate for well over an hour then moved towards Dale St. and University Ave. and continued to protest until dark.

Protesters called for the U.S. government to step in and put pressure on the Ethiopian government to make change, citing civil rights violations against the Ethiopian people. They believe that the Ethiopian government assassinated 34 year old musician Hachalu Hundessa.

Hachalu Hundessa - Image: Tiksa Negeri

Hundessa was shot Monday night by unknown assailants in Addis Ababa. He died from his injuries. His death sparked nationwide protests in Ethiopia that have killed 81 people and injured dozens more. Ethiopian authorities have reportedly cut off internet access, and arrested dozens of protesters and journalists.

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