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Mohamed Noor's defense is asking for no prison time.

Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor's defense team will ask for no prison time at his sentencing next week.

Former Minneapolis officer Mohamed Noor.

Minneapolis, MN - 4/30/19 Jurors convicted former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the 7/15/17 fatal shooting of an innocent, unarmed woman named Justine Ruszczyk Damond. Noor was responding to Damond's 911 call about a possible sexual assault in the alley behind her home in south Minneapolis. Noor startled when Damond approached his car and he shot her, needlessly taking her life.

Noor is scheduled to be sentenced on 6/7/19. His defense team filed a motion yesterday noting that they will ask for a dispositional departure, which includes no prison time and only up to one year in the county jail. This does not sound like an appropriate sentence for a man who took an innocent woman's life whom he was trusted to protect and serve.

According to the Star Tribune the motion stated: "The grounds for the dispositional departure are his particular amenability to probation, cooperation, attitude in court and remorse." The maximum penalty for third-degree murder in the state of Minnesota is 25 years. The maximum penalty for second-degree manslaughter is 10 years. It is highly unlikely that Noor would be given the maximum sentence given his lack of a criminal record. Noor is a danger to society, who knows when he will snap again. He belongs in prison with a life sentence equal to Justine's.

Watch recently released video of disgraced former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor nervously pacing the crime scene 7/15/17 as Justine Ruszczy Damond lay on the ground dying while his partner tends to her.

video source Star Tribune

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