Minnesotans Gather at the State Capitol for "Take Back Your State" Town Hall

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Images: Diana Halsey - Bikers for 45

St. Paul, MN - Minnesotans gathered outside of the Capitol building in St. Paul today for the Live Free - Open Your City & Take Back Your Freedom town hall style event. MN Senator, Dr. Scott Jensen was among the speakers.

Details from the organizers:

"Recently, we have seen a push for city councils and mayors to start to stand up for their residents, in places that haven’t been hot spots for this virus. They are saying that outside of metropolitan areas, these measures do not make sense, and are only harming our businesses, our incomes, our children, our access to healthcare, and our mental health.

To help further this, we wanted to create an educational forum for our community, with a panel of experts and leading residents, in an in-person town hall-style meeting. We want to help educate the public, instead of simply protesting, and allow residents to ask questions that the mainstream media isn’t asking, and to get answers that the executive government in MN aren’t answering. Protests tell the governor that people are against it, but they don’t necessarily spur action and results. We want to find an effective way for citizens to band together and save our state.

Images: Diana Halsey - Bikers for 45

We feel that this education can help people move away from the culture of fear, and social shaming, and into one of knowledge and understanding, while maintaining personal safety.

We do care about the health and safety of Minnesotans, very much, but the overall response we have seen thus far points to overreach of government vs. common sense measures for safety."

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