• T. Blair

Minnesota Children Exploited by the Anti-Gun Left.

1,000 Children were brought to the Minnesota State Capitol 7/17/19 for an anti-gun children's march.

image credit: Protect MN - Facebook

St. Paul, MN - Today, about 1,000 children walked in the "Protect Children Not Guns March". They marched from the St. Paul Cathedral to the Minnesota State Capitol. They wore bright orange shirts, sang, chanted and waved homemade signs. Were these kids willing participants in the march or were they actually targeted and forced to attend as part of a summer program field trip? These children are being used to gain sympathy for the anti-gun agenda.

"Here at the Capitol, we spend a lot of energy on a lot of things. We're not good at protecting children, we're good at protecting guns." -Rep. Dave Pinto (DFL - St. Paul)

The children who participated in the march are all enrolled in a program called “Freedom Schools” sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund, which is aimed at helping disadvantaged inner-city children in high-poverty areas. Director of Freedom Schools, Emmanuel Donaby told WCCO, "We have a horrible gun epidemic, killing and deaths that are happening. It’s super important to teach them to advocate for themselves."

Nationwide, children in 180 schools across 87 cities took part in anti-gun events today. They would benefit a lot more from gun safety classes. This is child indoctrination on a widespread, national level. Our future voters are being groomed into liberal gun haters. These kids are clearly being taught what to think using fear tactics. They are taught to fear guns rather than to respect them. 11 year old Jayla Samuels told Fox 9, "This event is about gun violence and how children are dying and we don’t want that."

Children's Defense Fund and Protect MN posted several live videos of the march on their respective Facebook pages.

A handful of lawmakers showed up to push their anti-gun agenda. Rep. Dave Pinto (DFL - St. Paul), told Star Tribune, "Here at the Capitol, we spend a lot of energy on a lot of things," Pinto said. "We're not good at protecting children, we're good at protecting guns." Pinto also spoke with WCCO, "The 2018 election was powered in many ways by voters who said, ‘We want progress on a number of issues, this being a major one,’ and the Minnesota House responded to that. The Minnesota Senate was not up for election in 2018. If they had been, I think they would have heard the same thing."

image credit: Star Tribune