• T. Blair

Ilhan Omar Doesn't Have the Time of Day for Her Panel Guests.

Updated: Jan 26

Ilhan Omar hosted last night's, "Community Conversation: Gender and Racial Pay Equity" at La Dona Cerveseria in Minneapolis.

Anti-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar couldn't be bothered to put away her cell phone and pay any respect to her panel guests or audience last night. Omar hosted "Community Conversation: Gender and Racial Pay Equity" held at La Dona Cerveseria in Minneapolis, Minnesota 04/24/19. Friends of Mill City Citizen Media took this photo and observed Omar's preoccupation with her cell phone when she wasn't the one speaking.

Congresswoman Omar said the discussion was inspired by the recent House passage of HR7, the Paycheck Fairness Act & the amendment she co-authored requiring racial equity data collection and analysis.

Next time Omar should consider using a little Congressional class, put the phone away, respect her panel guests & the audience that took time out of their night for her "special event".

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