• T. Blair

Governor Walz tells Minnesotans to use hashtag #MNPotholes, the response is overwhelming.

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

After the winter from hell, Minneapolis roads are a mess!

Some Minneapolis potholes are so massive that they practically have their own ecosystem.

Enormous Minneapolis potholes practically have their own ecosystem. If you thought winter driving was rough this year, you haven't met a pothole in March on Minneapolis streets. Spare tire required!

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently made a promotional video encouraging Minnesotans to use the hashtag #MNPotholes on social media to share their pothole stories for him to review. The response from Minnesota drivers has been overwhelming. They are sick and tired of driving on roads that look like they belong in a third world country.

Maybe Ilhan Omar (this is her district) or Governor Tim Walz can fund repairs with some of that daycare fraud money??? MN potholes suck!

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