Community Market Tent Opening in Front of a Boarded-Up Cub Foods

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

After suffering devastation from the Minneapolis riots, a boarded up Cub Foods erects a ”Community Market” tent.

Cub Foods 2850 26th Ave. S. Minneapolis

Post-riot UPDATE: Cub Foods on E. Lake Street in Minneapolis has erected a “Community Market” tent in front of their boarded up, closed down store. The Community Market opens July 8th.

Cub Foods was shut down and boarded up after being vandalized, looted and set on fire during the riots following George Floyd’s death. Cub is located in a low income neighborhood in South Minneapolis; directly across the street from the 3rd precinct police station.

The 3rd precinct police station, on E. Lake St. and Minnehaha Ave., has been shut down and boarded up for over one month due to fire damage and vandalism that took place during the riots.

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