• T. Blair

Brave young Trump supporter deserves real justice.

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

14 year old Gunnar Johansson wore his favorite hat to school on 03/05/19. Hateful school bus aide Delores Matheny did not approve.

Gunnar Johansson, Delores Matheny (top right)

Brave young Trump supporter, 14 year old Gunnar Johansson deserves some real justice for having his favorite Trump hat ripped off of his head by hateful school bus aide Delores Matheny on 03/05/19.

The Martin County School Board met on Tuesday March 26th and voted to suspend Matheny for 4 days without pay as a consequence of her actions. Additionally, she was ordered to undergo "further professional training."

Although, Johansson's family has public forgiven Matheny, many parents feel that her employment should have been terminated. She discriminated against a child for his political beliefs and pride in our President. She has proven herself to have bad judgement & poor self control, why is Delores Matheny still allowed to work with children?

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