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2 Somali men in a vehicle attempt to run over 6 pedestrians in Ilhan Omar's district.

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

According to Downtown Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information; law enforcement reportedly witnessed 2 Somali men in a vehicle attempt to run over 6 pedestrians on a sidewalk in Downtown Minneapolis 6/8/19. Scroll down for update.

Minneapolis, MN - Outrage over mainstream media silence! According to Downtown Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information, around 10:20pm on Saturday 6/8/19 an off-duty police officer reported that he had witnessed 2 Somali men in a car intentionally drive onto a sidewalk and try to hit 6 pedestrians near the intersection of 7th St. S. and Chicago Ave. S.


7th St. S. & Chicago Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN

To be perfectly honest, if it weren't for Downtown Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information, this incident would have slipped away into the unknown like so many others. Why exactly is that? Is it because the suspects are members of a protected class? According to the emergency scanner report, the two males in the front seat of the vehicle were identified by Minneapolis police as Somalian. There is an alarming trend of brutal violence and crime in the Minneapolis Somali community and the mainstream media is known to look the other way. Does the mainstream media fear being labeled racist or Islamophobic or is it something else?

Minneapolis is in Minnesota's 5th Congressional district which is currently represented by none other than the despised Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Minnesota's 5th was formerly represented by Keith Hussein Ellison. Ellison is now Minnesota's sitting Attorney General.

There are too many unanswered questions. Is the mainstream media silence due to lack of information? Perhaps they'd rather ignore the story all together? The Minneapolis police have not released any information at this time. Who are the victims? Were there any injuries or deaths? What are the suspects names and ages? Were they arrested? Has a motive been identified? The community deserves more information. Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information published an article regarding the incident including scanner audio. The article noted a possible connection to a nearby shooting earlier that very same day.

This is a developing story. Mill City Citizen Media will monitor for updates.

**6/15/19 UPDATE**

Minneapolis police responded to my inquiry about this incident. They were able confirm that yes, the incident did occur, it was witnessed by an off duty police officer, there were no injuries reported, a citation was given to the driver, no arrests were made. The driver was 22 year old Keyon Zamar Thomas. He was issued a citation for reckless driving. No mugshot was taken, he was not arrested. The case number is 19-165159.

Sgt. Darcy Horn from the Office of Public Information at the Minneapolis Police Department provided the following information:

"June 8, 2019 at 10:20pm an off duty police officer in his personal vehicle observed a silver Ford Taurus drive across a lane of traffic and onto the sidewalk in what appeared to be an intentional act aimed at striking multiple pedestrians on the sidewalk on the 500 block of Chicago Ave. S. The officer observed the male’s face and clothing as the vehicle drove past him. The pedestrians ran from the area. Precinct squads checked the area. The officer later observed the same male driving a silver Ford Taurus on Lake Street in Uptown. He stopped the driver. No victims called to report the incident and the incident was not caught on our camera on Chicago Av. S. The driver was issued a citation for reckless driving. The cited individual is Thomas, Keyon Zamar 22 year old male. Case# 19-165159"

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